A lovely welcome to all to a very long-awaited time of gathering and learning. While COVID continues its unfortunate course, medical learning cannot come to a standstill as long as we continue to be involved in patient care.

Initially planned for 2020, SAM’s biennial congress strives to bring the best minds in the aesthetic field together, providing a rich and fertile learning ground for the new and experienced alike. As we move into a more endemic phase of the COVID era, we have managed to arrange this physical cum virtual conference for 2021.

Over the 2 days in November, we hope to bring you invaluable advice from experts in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology, both locally and abroad. Topics covered range from management principles of pigmentary and textural issues to facial and body contouring. We will be exploring both new techniques and modalities, while rehashing essential knowledge and practice standards.

This is of course written in the hope that the global and local situation stabilises over the coming months. So, until November is on us, stay safe and fingers crossed!

Warm Regards

Chairman, Organising Committee